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Green Sweat doesn't just drip from the Incredible Hulk . The Atlanta Home Inspector explains.

Most all of us are familiar with the Incredible Hulk. We know when he says, "Hulk Smash", the closeup on his face reveals drips of hulky green sweat. However, most all of us are not aware of other occurances of dripping green sweat.  So, you might ask,  Sweaty CopperWhat is this and why is it important? This might just appear to be an incredibly colorful pipe, but there is a reason for the green tinted discoloration. Above this furnace, there is an airconditioning pipe without insulation. What happens, is that the copper piping will sweat when uninsulated. When copper sweats, the liquid produced is green tinted. In this particular instance, the green sweat is dripping directly into the furnace, which will in time rust the inside of the unit. 


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Green Sweat doesn't just drip from the Incredible Hulk The Atlanta…
Most all of us are familiar with the Incredible Hulk. We know when he says, "Hulk Smash", the closeup on his face reveals drips of hulky green sweat. However, most all of us are not aware of other occurances of dripping green sweat. So,… more
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