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What I am Passionate about and WHY

You never know how quickly some one can be gone out of your life.  I got a harsh reminder of that this past Saturday and I'm still just Thanking God for HIS hand of intervention, There is no other way to subscribe it.  So many times you think I'll tell them tomorrow or oh, I'll call them later.  What if later never comes?  I got started using Send Out Cards because of David being an Atlanta Home Inspector and needing a good method to advertising. 

We had been using the system a while before we went to a meeting where the owner explained his reason for starting  and I was moved by his story.  He started it help people respond to their promptings and to allow people to change peoples lives by sending a personalized real greeting card. 

 My grandmother was alwaMy Grandmother & grandfatherys changing someone's life with a card.  Every year she would always select a card and mail it to us in the mail. (I lived right next door and she still mailed it.) She wanted us to have that special feeling that you get when you open your mailbox a find a card there.  She was never late, and never missed a birthday.  I didn't realize how much this meant until I didn't get mine after she went home to be with Jesus.  She passed right before Christmas and my birthday is January 8th, so I was the first one to NOT get a card that year. 

Because of this I have decided to use Send Out Cards and pick up the tradition.  I have tried to do this in the past but could never get them out on time and would always have the guilt hanging over my head.  Because Send Out Cards has a reminder system in it, I can get the cards out on time and carry on my grandmothers tradition. 

Who do you need to send a card to today?  Is it a friend who has been on your mind, that's God's way of asking you #1 to pray, but I have been carrying it a step farther and sending a simple thinking of you card.  Is it a business associate that has gone out of their way to do something nice for you, did you remember to send that Thank You note?  How about a niece or nephew who you use to be really close to and have grown apart, would it make their day to get a card from you?  You just never know how your card will effect someone's life.  I'm finding out in mine and I like the results in how I'm feeling.  It goes back to the  old proverb "It's better to Give than Receive!" 

I wrote this on Monday evening only to get to best friends that night and hear tragic news that a little 10 year old boy from our Kids Church and been killed in an accident..... My heart is hurting for this family and it just reiterates what I was saying, Make sure those that you love KNOW IT, because you NEVER KNOW when you will have to say goodbye.  Call, Write a note, text message, go by, send a card, do whatever you have to, just don't let opportunities pass you by. 

For those of you that pray, please lift this family up....





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