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Exterior Home Inspection - What does it entail?

From the Roof during a Woodstock GA home inspection A question that the Atlanta Home Inspections Team hears quite  frequently is: what exactly do you inspect on the exterior of a home? This prompted us to write this informative little blog about the areas that we inspect.

We begin on the roof. There are many inspectors who stay on the ground with binoculars, but they are just not seeing everything that can be seen from the actual rooftop itself. Number of nails, vent boot problems, shingle condition and normal wear can all be seen from the roof itself – as well as chimney, flashing and gutter issues.

At Ground level, we check watershed. Is the ground allowing water to flow away from the home? This is also when we notice trees, shrubbery, and other plant placement along the home. Is it touching the home? If so, this could lead to siding and/or bug issues.  

While inspecting the exterior, inspectors insure that the gutters and downspouts are present, attached and cleared of debris. They also take note of air conditioning units and obtain the model/ serial number information to submit to the program RecallChek, which will in turn send a report regarding the recall status of the appliance.

The entire exterior including, masonry, paint, and siding are inspected to ensure there are not any cracks, chipping or loose joints. From here, all windows and doors are checked to make sure that they are operating properly, and that the glass is in intact.

This usually clarifies the question for clients and agents who need to get a better understanding of what to expect during an IHI Home Inspections service call.



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Exterior Home Inspection - What does it entail?
A question that the Atlanta Home Inspections Team hears quite frequently is: what exactly do you inspect on the exterior of a home? This prompted us to write this informative little blog about the areas that we inspect. We begin on the roof… more
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