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The Local Weather this morning made us wonder!

Some of you have figured out that I am morning job that consist of a whole lot of little ones (being a school bus driver is always an adventure).  This morning was no exception.  The power went out here just about the time all these little ones were due to get on the bus.  The storm was blasting through and the winds were incredible.  All over the radio you heard drivers telling about this light out or this tree down or power lines across the roads and all other kinds of issues.    OH and main headquarters (our bosses) didn't have power either.  Talk about a great team of drivers, one helping another, this one grabbing kids for the others because this bus driver or that bus drivers path was blocked.  I know that we had one complete section of town that NO ONE could get down to because of live wires that would come directly across the bus. 

This is the question that came up several times, and even my husband wasn't real sure of the answer.  The question was "Is the power on at the schools?" My hubby's first response was "they have generators at the schools so lady pulling haireverything should be fine." 

NOT  we had several schools this morning with generators running the minimal lights and all those kids in one area. 

I was talking to the different teachers and they all said the same thing, "What a fun morning we had."  This is one of those days that I'm sure glad I just drive the bus and my hat is off to all the teachers across Cherokee County for the great job they did at handling the situation.  



Teachers appreciation day is coming up in the near future, after today and what they did, you can bet I won't be missing it.  So often we forget to say Thank you to those that we just expect to get a great job from.  I know that I don't say Thank You enough to the people who go above and beyond the call of duty. And the list of  people for today was long. For more information about teachers appreciation week check your child's school calendars.

                                                                     send your teachers some love



You Can Send a Card to your Childs Teacher today on me. All you need is the schools address.

The Local Weather this morning made us wonder!
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