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Do You Have Gas? (Radon Gas, that is) - The Atlanta Home Inspector Can Find out!

Does your Atlanta home inspectionRadon Test sign company provide a Radon Gas test?

Radon causes cancer. According to the EPA, more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths occur per year due to Radon. Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that exists as a by product of urnaium or thorium.  It occurs naturally and is present everywhere.

If requested,IHI Home Inspections will set up a monitor in your basement to detect the level of Radon gas in your home. We offer the test as part of our STAR Package deals. However, you can choose just the Radon test as an added service. The test typically lasts 48 hours. At this time, we place signs on entryways to your home, with the reminder to not leave windows or doors open for any extended amount of time. Due to the air flow from outside, the reading on the monitor can be affected.

The EPA has set standards to gauge what is considered a threatening level. Measured in picocuries, which is the scientific term meaning a unit of radioactivity broken down to a decay rate of 2.2 disintegrations per minute... or how much radioactivity is emitted. The standard amount EPA has set is 4 pCi per liter.  If your test results are 4 or above, a qualified Radon Mitigator should be contacted to help you lower the levels.

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