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"Forget about the pricetag," Jesse J. proclaims in her pop tune. Do you or your clients sing that song? It would seem that in today's market, price is a deciding factor for several aspects of our everyday living.  What is a pricetag anyway? Does the cost of something tell us the benefit attached to an item? 

 When you go to a restaurant, do you choose menu items completely by their dollar amount? If I were to guess, I would say, probably not. Choosing a menu item is based on the benefit of the meal. You order steak because you like the way it is cooked. You order the vegetables because they are healthy. You order the drinks of your choice because of their flavor and the dessert you crave. You base your order on your experience with the food, the restaurant, or by recommendation. If you are adventurous,  you base that order on what you haven't tried, but with a benefit in mind. If you based your order solely on the price, you might be eating food that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

 When you purchase a new pair of shoes, do you choose the cheapest pair available regardless of the fit, style, practicality or likability? If I were to guess, I would say, probably not.  Choosing the right pair of shoes, for the right occasion, for the durability, and for the sheer purpose of style doesn't mean that you walk out of the store in a pair of two sizes too small purple ballet flats when you walked into the store looking for sturdy work boots!

 So, why choose or recommend the cheapest home inspector?  I do not know. As we have discussed earlier, you wouldn't choose the cheapest food or cheapest shoe, because you wouldn't receive the best benefit. What's interesting is that dining and shoes are small decisions. Whereas, deciding on a new home, a new investment - now that's a life changing event! If the inspector doesn't scale every inch of the home from rooftop to crawlspace, then what exactly is being inspected and are you getting a good deal or just a ho-hum glance at things to push through the paperwork? You wouldn't live comfortably in a home that had mold spoors in the air, or high levels of radon, foundation settlement, roof leaks, electrical, plumbing or any other number of issues. A good home inspector will investigate everything and reveal everything in a clear, concise manner, because they care about their clients. They will follow up with clients and agents. They will build a relationship based on trust. Now there is a benefit!

Making decisions will always be a part of our lives. When we are in a position to help others make informed decisions, we should give our best effort to have their best interest in mind. Don't recommend a cheap restaurant, an ill-fitting pair of cheap ballet flats, or a cheap home inspection team.  They can all three leave a bad taste in your mouth, be the improper fit, and end up costing you more in the long run! Forget about the price tag... know the benefits.

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David and Bonnie,  Great reading for not only Realtors but the general public as well.  The public has the preconceived notion that a cheap inspection saves them money. Really???? I for one don't think so!

Posted by Vince Chinell, CPI (VICO Home Inspection) over 7 years ago

Well written comparison.  It's a constant struggle to get the home buyer to understand the difference in VALUE between the 45 minute $150 guy and yourself.  You've got a good line.

Posted by Erby Crofutt, The Central Kentucky Home Inspector, Lexington KY (B4 U Close Home Inspections&Radon Testing ( over 7 years ago

As a resident of the north metro Atlanta area, I can attest to the level of commitment and quality of Atlanta Home Inspectors.  David and Bonnie's personal faith and integrity is evident in how they conduct their business.  Thanks, Bonnie, for another well-written and spot-on blog!

Posted by Tracy Coles, North Metro Atlanta Associate Broker (Atlanta Communities) over 7 years ago