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What is the Difference Between a Home Appraisal and a Home Inspection?

The Atlanta Home Inspection team was struck by a recent conversation with a client, who thought that the appraisal and home inspection were one and the same. While the office cordially explained that home inspections are not the same as home appraisals, the client seemed bewildered to hear such a statement. The office explained that while home inspections in Atlanta investigate your home for any issues that might need repair, an Atlanta area appraisal investigates the surrounding area and finds comparable homes to find base values. Which, lead us to ask, is it typical for clients to get confused or is this generally a topic that agents clarify for their clients?  At any rate, the client's questions were answered, and she proceeded on with the process. Home inspection photo

 We thought we would share this inspection/appraisal comparison contrast :

A home appraisal is an independent opinion of your home’s value, performed by a licensed home appraiser. Appraisals are part of the traditional home purchase process, and lenders require them for most refinances, too.  Appraisers, just like inspectors, are trained professionals.

Your home’s value base will be determined first. Then, features and amenities that make your home unique or different will be considered. Adjustments will be made according to number of bedrooms, bathrooms, style, and square footage of the home.  This becomes the “Sales Comparison” approach, which is used by most lenders.

As a homeowner in Atlanta , you can’t affect the sales prices of your home’s comparable properties, but you can help your appraiser understand how your home stands apart from other homes. This, in turn, can affect your home’s adjustments, resulting in a higher appraised value.

A home inspection is a visual, non-invasive investigation of your home’s structures and systems. From the rooftop to the underbelly, the home will be evaluated. Documentation of the findings will be assembled into a report with pictures and descriptions of any issues and how to maintain or alleviate them.  The inspection will tell home sellers and buyers what needs to be resolved in order to have a properly functioning and safe household. 

With home appraisals, every valuation dollar can matter. With that in mind, here are a few tips for maximizing your home’s appraised value :

1.   Be home for your appraisal so you can answer the appraiser’s question, if there are any.

2.  Mention any new roofing, flooring, HVAC, plumbing, or windows you’ve installed since purchase.

3.  Don’t mention projects or repairs you’re “about to undertake”. Appraisers don’t credit for unfinished projects.

4.  Make minor household fixes prior to the appraisal (e.g.; leaky sink, running toilet, peeling paint). 

5.  Present a tidy home. This can contribute to a higher “overall condition” adjustment.

Lastly, schedule the appraisal for a time that is convenient for your entire household. An appraiser needs to see, measure, and take photos of every room in your home. If a room’s door is closed because of a resting child, for example, the appraiser may need to schedule a second appointment to complete the appraisal, and that can raise your appraisal costs.

Likewise, a home inspection can take anywhere from three to five hours depending on the size of the home, so it needs to be scheduled when it is most convenient, as well as, within the due diligence time frame.


We hope that this information is helpful.

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